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26 years old
Cambridge, United Kingdom
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Before I start, let me just warn you that I do not check this profile. If you have something to say to me directly, feel free to PM me, but I will not respond to posts made on this profile.



I am Bold as bric (feel free to call me bold), an atmokinetic with precognition



I discovered my ablities untinentionally, and didn't realise that I had atmokinesis until I thought back to an occurance that had happened the previous year. After I realised this, I attempted to use this ability and found that I could control the weather to a certain degree.

After that day, I began to use it fairly frequently, becoming stronger. However, I still can't do instantaneous changes: changes require a day to work, and I can't produce thunderstorms. Other than that, I can do pretty much everything, including changing the wind to calm or windy, changing cloud cover, making it rain, controlling the temperature.



However, I do have a strange cycle. It seems as though my atmokinesis reduces in power every now and then, before returning to a slightly higher level than before. This has only really started happening within the last year or so, and I'm not sure why.





My precog is almost uncontrollable and fully useless. All I generally get is deja vu, although when I do get it I am usually able to predict the next few seconds/minutes accurately, and I can usually remember that I did actually dream said event before,





I do believe that I have latent chronokinesis, although I do not claim to be sure of this. I also believe that I have used biokinesis once to change my eye colour to hazel, although if I did this was only partially effective.


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